NQAPIA Direct Action Training

***Let's Get Our People Trained! Direct Action Training Series***

As we gear up for a Trump presidency, NQAPIA has been thinking about how to get our people as trained as possible for what lies ahead. After talking with many of you, we're planning a direct action organizing training series!

The goal is to get as many people of color trained to engage in direct action strategically, effectively, and as safely as possible. We also want to build relationships across our communities, since we'll need each other now more than ever. This training series is lead and planned by queer and trans API people in collaboration with the Ruckus Society and a number of POC organizations. This training is open to all POC.

Space is limited, so register soon! bit.ly/datrainings

If you have any questions or concerns, please email sasha@nqapia.org.

April 29
Annual Gala