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Rapid Response Team Meeting

Join our monthly rapid response team meeting. We will be talking about bystander intervention and practicing scenarios. New folks are welcome. Email if you've questions/ concerns. 

If you've not yet completed our RRT form, please follow this link:

API Chaya’s Rapid Response Team (RRT) is a group of volunteers who will activate and coordinate our Rapid Response network, including people who are currently signed up and our broader networks if necessary (through listserve or facebook). This group will be facilitated by API Chaya’s volunteer coordinator.

We will be responding to the following--

Policies on local and national levels that impacts the communities we serve i.e. muslim ban
Specific events that require a community response i.e. targeted hate violence, raids, national calls to action, etc.
Local actions connected to campaigns we are a part of i.e. No New Youth Jail
Media/ news that need to be signal boosted or corrected.