Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get support?

Please call our helpline 206-325-0325 or toll free: 877- 922-4292 and ask to speak to an Advocate or leave a message after hours. We generally return calls within 2 business days and can set up a time to talk with you. Advocates will ask questions to better understand your situation so they can help connect you with the best available resources.

What if I don’t speak English?

Our Advocates and staff speak around a dozen languages including: Gujurati, Hindi, Urdu, Japanese, Marathi, Tagalog, Vietnamese. We have API Chaya volunteers and professional interpreters available for those who speak other languages.

Do you only work with Asian, Pacific Islander and South Asian people?

Our human trafficking program works with people of all nationalities and backgrounds. Our domestic violence and sexual assault programs specialize in serving people from or affiliated with API and Middle Eastern communities. However, our services are not limited to these groups.