Filipino Youth Reunite to Elevate, FYRE was launched in the Spring of 2015 in collaboration with the Filipino Community of Seattle and API Chaya. FYRE is a program for young people interested in gaining leadership skills, building community, and learning about issues that impact Filipino youth. We have activities and discussions around gender-based violence and consensual relationships as well as Filipino identity and culture. 

In October 2015, the Filipino community lost three lives that were affected by the inherent violence of sexual assault. This sparked many dialogues in FYRE about what safety and healing meant for us and for our surrounding community. FYRE develops youth leaders and peer educators in nourishing relationships and in challenging rape culture. As young leaders, we strive to not only learn about the injustices we face but also how to make positive change happen within our homes, schools, and communities. 

For more information please contact nikki@apichaya.org 


Instagram: 206FYREflies