Peaceful Families Taskforce

The Peaceful Families Taskforce raises awareness of domestic violence in an Islamic context and mobilizes the Muslim community to support survivors of violence, including Muslim women in shelters.

The Peaceful Families Taskforce (PFT) began in 2003 when we partnered with Sharifa Al-Khateeb, founder of the national Peaceful Families Project ( Together, they put on a 3-day conference for local Muslims addressing Qur’anic models of peaceful families and the issue of domestic abuse. For the conference, Sister Sharifa partnered with Seattle masjids and community members from the legal, mental health, and social service fields. Our original Peaceful Families Taskforce (PFT) was made up of about 30 concerned Muslim community members who attended this conference. They recognized that while domestic abuse happens across all faith communities and societies, we couldn’t simply rely on outside help for our sisters and brothers. Help from outside the Muslim community, while well-meaning, was not sustainable and often unknowingly harmful, as some service providers used detrimental stereotypes and didn’t know what kind of support Muslim men and women need in crises. Non-Muslim service providers don’t automatically know what is best for our families, or how to continue supporting us in practicing our faith.

We are only able to do our work because of the passionate and committed past work of other brothers and sisters who have led the way. We are indebted to Sister Sharifa Al -Khateeb, the founding mother of the national Peaceful Families Project (PFP), who encouraged and supported Seattle Muslims in beginning this Taskforce with Chaya. Sister Sharifa, groups like Muslim Men Against Domestic Violence, and growing numbers of imams have worked tirelessly over the years to raise awareness of domestic abuse and to mobilize Muslim communities to work towards Islamic ideals of caring relationships and peaceful families.

The mission of the Peaceful Families Taskforce is for Seattle Muslim communities to:

  • have the knowledge, information, and resources to prevent the occurrence of domestic violence
  • support community structures and systems that contribute to peaceful families,
  • and provide resources and help Muslim women and families in situations of domestic abuse.


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