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Contact & Research Team

Research Team Members:
Sarah Rizvi, Peaceful Families Taskforce co-founder & former API Chaya director
Neelam Khaki, Peaceful Families Taskforce Program Coordinator
Farah Abdul, PFT volunteer & former Peaceful Families Taskforce Program Coordinator
Nuha Elkugia, PFT volunteer
Amy Piedalue, Researcher (University of Washington) & PFT volunteer

Please feel free to contact one of the research team leads or PFT Coordinator with further questions:
Farah Abdul, pft-research@apichaya.org
Amy Piedalue, amer@uw.edu
Neelam Khaki, Peaceful Families Taskforce Program Coordinator, neelam@apichaya.org, 206-467-997

About the PFT Research Project Team:

The project leads are Sarah Rizvi, Farah Abdul, and Amy Piedalue. The current PFT Coordinator, Neelam Khaki, provides vital support to this project, in addition to running the Peaceful Families Taskforce, which includes working closely with local masjid communities. In addition, Nuha Elkugia joined the team as an interviewer and has also been closely involved with analyzing interviews and preparing the online survey.

The research leads manage the overall project, including developing the research design and questions, supervising the research team, working directly with community collaborators to develop project values and research goals, and guiding the progress of the project in alignment with these values and goals.

Sarah Rizvi is a former API Chaya Community Advocate,  Supervisor for the Peaceful Families Taskforce, and most recently, the director of API Chaya from 2013-2015. She has worked with Chaya/API Chaya since 2003, including developing and leading Chaya’s first community mobilization and education program and co-founding  the Peaceful Families Taskforce. She has worked on social justice issues in the U.S. and has done development and organizing work abroad with slum populations in Pakistan and India.  Sarah has earned a B.A. in English and Comparative History of Ideas (CHID) from the University of Washington in Seattle and an M.A. in International Relations from Columbia University in New York.

Farah Abdul is a former API Chaya staff member, serving as the Peaceful Families Taskforce Coordinator from 2011 to 2013.  Farah began attending Chaya’s community events in 2005. She was moved by API Chaya’s integration and vision of broader social justice issues that deeply impact immigrant communities, and the intergenerational impact the organization had. After working at API Chaya as PFT Coordinator, Farah now participates as a volunteer once again. Farah is also currently a medical student, with interests in health care responses to domestic violence, narrative medicine, and structural causes of health inequalities

Amy Piedalue is the team’s collaborating researcher. Amy completed her B.A. in Women Studies and South Asian Studies in 2004, and her M.A. (2010) and PhD (2015) in Geography, both at the University of Washington. Her academic study and research interests focus on South Asian Studies, gender issues, and social, political and economic inequalities. Her dissertation research focused on community-based peace-building and anti-violence mobilizing in API Chaya’s work and in the work of women’s collectives in Hyderabad, India.

Amy began volunteering with Chaya about 13 years ago, initially serving on the Advocacy Committee and assisting with direct services. She has worked on the Chaya Helpline, assisted advocates in supporting survivors, helped with administrative work at the office, volunteered multiple times at our annual dinner and auction, and assisted with mobilization work and volunteer coordination. Amy initially became involved and has continued her volunteer work with Chaya, and now API Chaya, because her own values align with our organizational mission and values.  In her work with Chaya and with other organizations supporting survivors of domestic violence, Amy has participated in a number of trainings and workshops (put on by Chaya and by other organizations), totaling over 100 hours of training.

When asked to collaborate on this project by API Chaya staff, Amy was eager to contribute to PFT’s work and to support a community-based research project focused on the primary prevention of and community response to domestic abuse, two topics that overlap with her own research interests.

Nuha Elkugia is a volunteer project coordinator with the "Peaceful Families Taskforce Research Project" and has been volunteering at API Chaya since 2012. Nuha completed her B.S. Biology and Public Health (2011), and her MPH (2014) in Community Oriented Public Health Practice, both at the University of Washington. Her interests and work experience focus on Community development and Social Action, Research and Evaluation, Equitable Health Policy, Program Evaluation and Management. She currently is a program manager at a non-profit in Seattle working to provide comprehensive health care to families and individuals who have difficulty accessing care.

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