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Creative Arts Healing Survivor Support Group

This 10-week, closed psycho-educational group will deepen our understanding of sexual violence and trauma, and incorporate creative approaches to healing through art and expression. There will be an initial screening process to ensure this group will meet participants’ needs.

Who: People of color (includes mixed race and adoptees) of all genders who have survived any form* of sexual assault or sexual abuse. 

When: 2.5 hours weekly, 10 weeks, September - November 2019 on a day/time to be determined based on participants’ schedules

Where: Seattle– confidential location. (wheelchair accessible space)

If Interested, Please Contact: Divya at 206-467-9976 ext: 210 or or Nat at 

This group is free and interpreters can be provided. Food is provided at every session. Please contact us with any specific accessibility needs. 

*We recognize sexual violence can look a lot of different ways, including but not limited to: any non-consensual sex, unwanted touching, child sexual abuse, attempted assault, non-physical abuse, molestation, incest, etc.