API Chaya is a 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to end systemic violence in our communities.

Our Mission

API Chaya empowers survivors of gender-based violence and human trafficking to gain safety, connection, and wellness.  We build power by educating and mobilizing South Asian, Asian, Pacific Islander, and all immigrant communities to end exploitation, creating a world where all people can heal and thrive. 

Our Vision

API Chaya envisions a just and equitable world free of violence and oppression. We partner and engage with community groups, providing education and organizing towards the prevention of domestic and sexual violence, exploitation and human trafficking. We do our work with an understanding of the cultural norms and stigmas associated with such violence and believe in the inherent strength and potential of our communities to facilitate this change.

API Chaya has served thousands of people and worked with dozens of community groups for community organizing and education regarding prevention of sexual and domestic violence, exploitation, and human trafficking.

Our Guiding Values

API Chaya claims these values as central towards realizing our mission. Each value is practiced and realized on every level including the individual, community and institutional. In a domestic violence situation, factors such as love, family expectations, cultural norms and immigrant status make oppression difficult to recognize and address. Just as expressions of oppression can be diverse and contradictory, we recognize that our responses may be diverse and contradictory as well. Hence we embrace the complexity of our world and resist the temptation to flatten and simplify our experiences.


We value Integrity

Integrity is the practice of making choices that reflect our values as we strive towards realizing API Chaya`s vision of a just and equitable world free of violence.  We at API Chaya believe that when we are open and transparent in our actions, we empower ourselves and the community to think critically and acknowledge the impact of our choices because where accountability is practiced, abuse has no place.

We value Equity

Equity is the principle of ensuring equal access to power, justice and resources. Inequity and abuse in relationships and communities are supported by larger systems of oppression which affects us all. API Chaya works towards the principle of equity and justice through social change.


We value Dignity

Dignity is the recognition of and respect for the inherent value of every individual and community, including those who have been victimized and those who have perpetuated abuse.

We value Agency

Agency is the ability to make choices on one`s own behalf within the range or context of choices available. API Chaya strives to promote a world in which the agency of historically marginalized groups such as women, immigrants and LGBTQ individuals is recognized and supported. 


We value Community

Communities occur when people are brought together through shared experiences and across differences. As individuals we have membership in multiple communities. API Chaya actively supports collaborative efforts that respect and empower those who have experienced abuse and demands accountability. We envision communities taking an active role to foster equitable, just and loving relationships between individuals and groups of people.

We value Sustainability

Sustainability fosters strength, well being, joy at an individual and collective level. A strong organization and movement can only be achieved through balance, endurance and self care.

Sharonyka Kumar (Board Chair)
Regional Sales Director for the Google Cloud Platform, Hitachi Consulting

Tarul Kode Tripathi (Board Chair-Elect)
Pharmacist, Senior Clinical Program Manager, MedImpact

Lorrie Alfonsi (Secretary)
Transportation Planner, King County Metro

Jeff Rice (Treasurer)
Senior Financial Analyst, Amazon

Kiyomi Fujikawa
Co-Director, Third Wave Fund

S. Rani Kotha
Senior Strategist, Global Health at the University of Toronto

Val Kalei Kanuha