If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please complete this volunteer form bit.ly/APIChayaVolunteer! If you have additional questions, please email volunteer@apichaya.org.

Volunteers are required to attend the Natural Helpers training (see below) to understand our vision, and the scope and depth of our work. Additional trainings will be recommended as needed.

Volunteer Program

API Chaya volunteers can take part in many different projects to achieve one or more of the following:

  • Reach out to the communities we serve and connect them to our services.

  • Create awareness around the issues of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking and engage our communities to address these issues.

  • Help our advocates address the needs of people we serve.


Volunteer Benefits

  • To receive training on domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking in order to build skills and/or support friends and community members who are dealing with violence in their lives

  • To engage and learn from our experienced staff, visionary founding mothers and community leaders

  • To be treated as equal partners jointly responsible for accomplishment of the agency’s mission

  • To be part of informative and exciting events

Natural Helpers 

Working within and across communities, we provide culturally relevant education and innovative projects that deepen our collective understanding of how systems of power create conditions that perpetuate violence in our homes and daily life. Through building relationships with youth and adult community leaders, we bring awareness and incite action against domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. We work towards shifting cultural and societal norms that allow violence to continue while lifting up values within the community that cultivates resilience, equity, and justice.

Many Asian, South Asian, and Pacific Islander communities are bound together by shared experiences of migration and the struggle to survive as marginalized communities. We deeply value our each other’s safety and wellness. API Chaya believes in the inherent power of our communities to come together in response to violence and strengthen our capacity to work towards a more just and loving world. 


The Natural Helpers Project was started over 15 years ago to develop bilingual outreach volunteers that help link people experiencing domestic and sexual violence and human trafficking to our services. The volunteers are trained to recognize the dynamics and warning signs of these issues. They understand the barriers to obtaining services in API communities and they seek out assistance for families and individuals in need.

These volunteers are natural helpers in their community. They are hair stylists, lawyers, faith leaders, business owners, day care providers, doctors, teachers, community organizers, etc. They are the ones people come to when they are having problems; they are the ones who are willing to help. Natural Helpers find other potential natural helpers to create a network of individuals who become our eyes and ears in our communities.

The Natural Helpers Project is especially valuable because it also works as a leadership development program that nurtures natural community leaders to address gender-based violence in our communities and to work for long-term social change. It works within the framework of community accountability and transformative justice, although it was developed before these concepts became popular.

Currently, API Chaya offers our Natural Helpers Training twice a year. It is free to current volunteers and is open to community members for a small fee. The training provides an overview of systems of oppression with a deep focus on gender-based violence and community-based responses.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please complete this volunteer form bit.ly/APIChayaVolunteer ! If you have additional questions, please email volunteer@apichaya.org.